Arsh Peyma Spadana | Our Services
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Our Services

Arsh peyma engineering elevator company is read to present these items:

Install and operate

Kits of saifty system like: surveillance camera in elevator

Heating and cooling Smart kits elevator cabin

Kits of private using

Present the remote control of elevators

Preparation and design the elevators

The warranty services after Sales service

Preparation and design the elevators

Provide the components and Support 24 hour about sorts of elevators and escalators

Kits of Air Conditioning Cabin

The Cabin of elevator

The Cabins that is built in production unit of this company has the high quality in terms of decorating and steel Structure.Out of this cabin is built of steel oily folio (5.1 mm) or Stainless steel that it cleave to Smaller pieces and these pieces bolt and nut to each other to have substance.
The interior view of cabin also is built according to the customer wishes with the best quality and according to new technology and high Standard.

The elevator door

The door of elevator has the main role to work night and orderly.

An elevator Should have the suitable door with the High quality . Choose the Suitable door is so necessary for that elevator.The sort of door is so important for managers in terms of full-Automatic, Iranian, other countries and … that it can be solved by experienced consult


The engines that company use are import and it has European quality that is made by famous company like Albertosasi-Shindler-montanari These Companies dedicate High percent of global market to itself.
Iran market also isn’t exclude from this issue that it choose according to sort of building in terms of rate , engine and power of project.Using of Gearless engine is the best solution to fix the height and the less Space of motor home.These engines install in the well of elevator.
Also these engines have the low Sound , and low power consumption and also soft and calm movement.The new engine is called serromotor that instead of winding has permanently magnet and accuracy of stop and start is 1/0 mm.


Nowadays command dedicates more than 90 percent of contrary and it covers 2 m/s vertical movement.

Home lift system

: The advantage of a home elevators
1- Don’t need steal structure
2- Don’t need the well
3- Don’t need Three –phase electric power
4- Soft and mute movement


Escalator is the instrument that located in the pedestrian path to the people to lift them up and down.
This instrument move by electric power, mechanical parts, electrical , electronics.

Chair on stairs

The advantage of chair on stairs.

1- It ‘s Suitable for people who is old , sick, disability.

2- produce and design based on the latest standard

3-It installs easily without need to destruction or change the stairs.

4- It has 2 validation European standard.

5-Equipped with on obstacle detection sensor

6-low sound

7- available in residential home , duplex, estate villas and hospitals

8-clinics, physical therapist, Hotels, offices, and …