Arsh Peyma Spadana | About us
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About us

Arsh peyma spadana elevator is the most massive elevators that these elevators are special and Hydraulic , Escalator and Foreign package in Iran.

If has quality in field of elevator and It has these certifications:

The formal member and contain design license from the ministry of industry and mining and trade.

The formal member of trade room , industries, mining and agriculture of Iran.

The formal member and it has certificate of membership of elevator syndicate and escalator of Iran.

The formal member and it has international certification (ISO 9002-2008)

The formal member and it has international certification BSEN 81:2014

Business license of the producers Guild Union and elevator.

We satisfy the state organization and private organization with produce the new devices , the best services, and follow the policy and follow the way the world works.
The main achievement of this company is the relative reduction of the prices, improve the quality of components and improve the safety system.

Company goals

The main goals that are running and reviewing ; to answer the customers needing and modern mass production are mentioned the following points :

increase the period of time and finished price

Improve I SO quality and employ the modern technology in public and state project.

Effort to inform to customers usefully and completely in order to select the best product at the difference variety

Download Catalog

Find and view the services and capabilities of the Spadana Throne company in the form of a catalog.